As in any good recipe, quality ingredients make it a specialty.

The beach of Papeete Beach is well-finished, with refined services and special care to the many needs of its guests. The parasols and sunbeds create the privè and lounge equipped with all comforts.

The furnishings offer King-size beds, Queen-size beds, straw umbrellas and all the services to “customize” our guests’ holidays.


The Papeete Beach offers all the services that a guest may need: single beds, sunbeds with beach umbrella, reserved areas, bars, chiringuito, restaurants for corporate events and any happening.

Papeete Beach offers the solution to every need in order to experience the beach.

In addition to sunbeds and beach umbrellas, there are plenty of solutions designed to live the beach with friends or family.

Beach Privé

For those looking for exclusivity and comfort there are reserved areas of different size and deluxe services, facing the sea and with plus services.

For larger groups, but not only, these beach privè are ideal, these reserved areas with King size beds that allow you to enjoy exclusive relaxation and participate to the Beach party in a privileged area with service under the umbrella.

Tropical Area

The beating heart of Papeete Beach.

The polymaterial choice, but natural and refined, makes the Tropcal area a melting pot suitable for relaxation, leisure and a drink in company. The cafeteria, the Organic fruit shop, the piadina shop and a cocktail bar overlook the tropical outdoor area where seats and large spaces allow you to enjoy the services in a space where time stops and the desire for a holiday that lives in each of us is satisfied.

The mixology of the cocktail bar, the pampering of the cafeteria, a light lunch or the famous aperitif are just some of the ingredients that make  every day an unforgettable day at Papeete Beach.


A quick snack or a light lunch are the peculiarities of the fruit shop where, a corner completely dedicated to organic & nature, the daily offer dominates with fresh seasonal fruit and appetizers for those who are healthy and fit.

You can’t think about Romagna without thinking of piadina. Our piadina shop offers traditional products but it also pursuits innovation with reinterpretations and gourmet proposals.

The flagship of Papeete is the Food Fest restaurant, offering meat and fish plates by the best Italian and international cuisine as well as a refined and well-stocked national wine offer. Open every day from Easter to September for lunch, it offers the possibility of theme nights and dedicated events. The thrill of eating with your feet on the sand.

Corporate events

The different areas and multiple services make Papeete Beach the perfect container for private and corporate events.

From the aperitif till dinner, from brunch to the cocktail party with the ability to customize areas and services, each event is a tailor made success for any occasion.

Info +393489700555


BEACH & TROPICAL AREA: 08:00 am – 9:00 pm

RESTAURANTS: 12:30am – 4:00 pm

SUNSET RITUAL:  5:30pm – 8:30 pm


Beach reservations


Reservation of Parasol with sunbeds
minimum 3

BeachPrivè daily booking

Beach Info: +39 348 9700555
(from 9:00 to 6:00 pm)


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